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7256 Roswell Rd NE,
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (678) 274-9390

Welcome to CrossFit Grinder

What is CrossFit Grinder?

CrossFit: a strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement,” with the stated goal of improving fitness and general physical preparedness –  which it defines as “work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” quote Courtesy of Crossfit, Inc.

Grinder: An asphalt or concrete area surrounded by pull up bars and dips. The U.S. Navy SEAL’s train on the Grinder.

CrossFit Grinder is now an “Official” CrossFit affiliate as of July 25, 2012.

Video – Tour of CrossFit Grinder

CrossFit Grinder is located in Sandy Springs (north Atlanta), Georgia. Owned and operated by Brad McLeod, former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer. Call 404-906-0726 for info.

CrossFit Grinder was voted one of the top personal training gyms in Sandy Springs, Georgia

CrossFit Grinder

About the Author
Brad McLeod enjoys training all athletes and helping them to reach their goals.
  1. Tom C

    We’ve had a great week of workouts so far at Crossfit Grinder. Chris Davis of Spartan Race has been rocking out workouts like a beast. He is truly an amazing person. Thanks to Coach Brad for making it all happen.

    Stop by and let us help you reach your goals

  2. Tom C

    The grinder at Crossfit-Grinder is home to the infamous “Frogman PT” workouts we hold every Saturday.

    Stop by at 8, 9, or 10a and run through a hard hitting hour of sandbags, logs, burpees, and warrior spirit. Bring a friend and share in the fun.

    See you guys on the grinder!

  3. Tom C

    Great week at the Grinder so far! It’s not over yet, though, and we are looking to hit Friday and Saturday hard. Expecting an epic turnout for the Saturday morning Frogman PT workout.

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