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June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014



“Bring Sally Up”

Push Up Edition
*At the lyrics “…bring Sally down”, go towards bottom of push-up position and hold at height where chest is ~1-2 in. off ground


In pairs you will complete the following:
(number of reps is PER ATHLETE)
**Format: 4 Stations (A,B,C,D). Partner 1 will do the first movement, where the number is stated; meanwhile, partner 2 will be doing second movement indefinitely until it is time to switch places

With a continuously running clock

At 0:00 on the clock
A.) 50 Burpees // Plank hold // Switch every 10 completed burpees

At 7:00 on the clock
B.) 75 AbMat Sit Ups // Double Unders // Switch every 25 completed AbMat Sit Ups

At 14:00 on the clock
C.) 75 Hand Release Push Ups // “The Hundreds” // Switch every 25 completed HRPUs

At 21:00 on the clock
D.) 50 Box Jumps // Toes-to-Bar // Switch every 10 completed box jumps

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