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Frogman Workout 9-22-12

September 22, 2012

Warmup 10 min

4 rounds for time of:
15 pushups
10 four count flutter kicks
10 eight count cherry pickers
10 air squats
sandbag run to bus stop (100 meters)
1 trip through obstacle course

CrossFit Grinder Obstacle Course Updates

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We used this obstacle as inspiration. See CrossFit elites in action.

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Cool down stretch 10 minutes

About the Author
Brad McLeod enjoys training all athletes and helping them to reach their goals.
  1. Zach Even - Esh

    Awesome workout, Brad! I feel unstoppable since SEALFit Challenge!

    I am hitting mtn biking tomorrow and adding running back to the mix this week, yesterday was a fast paced workout on my lunch during our 1 day cert

    1) KB farmer walks 4 x 150 – 200 ft (Partnered with Katie, she graduated Kokoro, Summer of 2011 w/Derek Price’s class)

    1 hr later on my lunch

    2A) Zercher Squats 5 x 5
    2B) Box Jumps 5 x 3
    2C) Ring Push Ups 5 x 10

    3A) Rope Climbs 3 x
    3B) Push Ups 3 x Max

    Feel AWESOME!!!

  2. msharpe

    Did the Grinder PT from twice over! Everything but the 5k run. Took 1.5 hrs but smoked it!

  3. Elias Alonso

    Yesterday did an unweighted Murph, today a mile plus 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 seat ups, 6×12 biceps curls, and 100 dips…

  4. Peter Dain

    Your Website is always interesting,I did Insanity/CardioPower and Resistance.

  5. Atif Faridi

    I went body weight on Saturday as well: It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one. I would have done more if I didn’t strain a calf.