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SEALFIT Kokoro Prep @ CrossFit Grinder

August 06, 2012

Where: CrossFit Grinder 7258 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

When: November 17 (Saturday)

What:SEALFIT Kokoro Prep Challenge

Cost: $595 for 1 full day (14 hour plus day)

Contact: email Brad McLeod or call 404-906-0726 cell

Register here through online

SEALFIT Kokoro Prep Challenge is an official SEALFIT event. This is only the second time this 1 day event has been offered. New Jersey event was the first.

Certified SEALFIT Coaches and past Kokoro interns will be on staff to deliver a once in a lifetime challenge.

Preparing for Kokoro? This is your event.

Not wanting to go to Kokoro but want to get a taste? Your event.

If you Really want to climb Mt Everest then you go out and do Hard Work to train and get it done.

You don’t make excuses about work and cost and your family and your afraid your going to get hurt.

You train hard for Everest and then you go to Climb.

Sharpen the Knife and be Ready for Anything at any time.

SEALFIT Point of Contact- Lance Cummings

Local contact for questions
email Brad McLeod or call 404-906-0726 cell

CrossFit Grinder is a SEALFIT certified gym.

About the Author
Brad McLeod enjoys training all athletes and helping them to reach their goals.
  1. Tom Coffey

    I did a similiar Kokoro prep course with Coach Brad back in January.

    This training is real with no frills attached. In my opinion this is a must do for anyone planning to go through the full Kokoro camp in CA.

    Feel free to email me about my experience with Coach Brad’s Kokoro prep class.

    I would be more than happy to answer any questions if you are unsure about signing up.

  2. Frank DiMeo

    Brad, I’ll post this with your interview, it’s a great fit!

  3. Heather

    Even if you aren’t thinking about going to Kokoro (though this course certainly might change your mind), but you’re wanting to dig down and find something, take it. I haven’t had the privilege of being able to take Brad’s prep course, as I live in Portland, OR. But I have seen him person in action as a coach while he was at Kokoro, and I’ve had him as my coach for over a year now, and I can say he’s by far the best and most encouraging (and tough!) coach I’ve had.

    He’ll whomp on you physically (meaning, put you through your paces and then some, and I use the term “whomp” to state a truth in humor), but always out of belief in you and because he really cares. He stays on your case, an you feel like he’s truly got a personal investment in your success, and you’ll come out of that “whomping” feeling awesome.

    Plus he’s also awesome about coaching you around dialing back on your own self-whomping and learning how to find a good momentum that’s a balance of gains, rest and getting to your goals.

  4. Heather

    Amendment to my testimonial above: I didn’t go through Kokoro; I was there in a different capacity.

  5. Tyler Martin

    Can we expect more Kokoro preps in ATL in the future?

  6. Alan

    AWESOME!!!!!! Is there any one day prep coarse in Ca.? Man, I wish I lived near the GRINDER……live easy and WOD hard…