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Beginners Class Offered at CrossFit Grinder

August 05, 2012

Beginners Class Offered at CrossFit Grinder

Wanting to start CrossFit but not sure how to start?
Would like to try CrossFit but hear it’s too Intense?

Come on down to CrossFit Grinder and learn the basics your first week. No pressure and No Cost (free)

Checkout Coach Brad teaching a Beginners Class

Class Schedule
Day 1 -Monday-8 am or 6 pm classes
Day 2 -Wednesday 8a or 5p
Day 3- Thursday 8a or 5p
Make up day – Saturday @ noon

Class Content
Day 1- introduce air squat, ring row, pushup

Workout of the Day (Wod) – 200m run, 15/12/9 of squat, ring row, pushup, 200m run

Day 2- Introduce deadlift and press with pvc pipe – Fundamentals

Wod- 10-1 reps of deadlift w medball, push press

Day 3- introduce rower, front squat, thruster

Wod- 3 rounds of 200m row, 10 thrusters, rest 90 seconds

This will be an easy progession for Beginner athletes wanting to start and experience CrossFit. The workouts will be challenging, but won’t floor anybody.

Graduates of our Beginner class move up to our Basics 101 two week class.

Contact CrossFit Grinder trainers to get started and reserve your spot.
Brad McLeod 404-906-0726
Tom Coffey 908-285-5942

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Beginners Class Offered at CrossFit Grinder

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