CrossFit Grinder Success Stories

Zebulon C. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

While CrossFit high-intensity workouts worried me at first, Grinder was great because they have great coaches and members on all levels of skill and development.  Great coaches, great teams of athletes, and a family atmosphere.

Zebulon C.

Victoria O. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Encouraging atmosphere, continuing education from coaches, and a smaller gym for a more personalized experience. I’ve been going here for a year and I continue learning.

Victoria O.

Robert L. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Loving it so far! From time to time, CFG has a 6-week challenge that includes 3 classes per week and a meal plan. There challenge also includes before/after photos and body-fat measurements. It's forced me to get back into the gym, and the team effort really helps. This is much more exciting than going to the gym alone. There are new and exciting workouts each time. I'm in week 3 of the challenge classes, and I'm already seeing improvements (both in fitness and other areas of life). I also did a one-on-one foundations class with Coach Daniel, which was super helpful as I am trying to transition into the regular Crossfit classes. The coaches I've had so far are all very nice and have made me feel very comfortable since this is my first time doing Crossfit. I'm looking forward to doing more classes!

Robert L.

Chelsea Z. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

I love CrossFit Grinder. It's always such a rewarding workout for any level. I came from a gymnastics background and I'm pretty competitive and there are people to compete with every day. There are also people who are there to get in shape and start off at their own pace. It's good for all levels.

Chelsea Z.

Craig M., CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

I joined in April.  I had been working out in a traditional gym and I was not pushing myself.  At Crossfit Grinder everyone has different abilities but everyone pushes themselves hard, which I like a lot.  This place has great people and trainers.  I am glad I joined and I am getting results.  

Craig M.

Ronald H. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Fun programming and a knowledgeable staff makes for a great experience every time. Highly recommend!

Ronald H.

Samantha S. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

This was my first experience at a CrossFit gym ever, indeed it could seem a bit intimidating at first! However, the group was knowledgeable and supportive; they motivated me and facilitated the most kick butt workout! I highly recommend Crossfit Ginder!! They certainly acquired a new regular out of me!!! 

Samantha S.

Tricia L. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

I love working out at Crossfit Grinder! The coaches know what they're doing and can modify your workout for an injury...great for all levels, too! Very encouraging and definitely an amazing workout that's very rewarding!! 

Tricia L.

Eric T. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Great atmosphere, great athletes, great trainers. Been doing Crossfit 3+ years & love working out here! The gym has been growing steadily but still feels very personal. Programming rocks, too - good balance of traditional Crossfit & heavy lifting. 

Eric T.

Samantha J. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

This was my first experience at a Crossfit gym- indeed, can seem a bit intimidating at first! However the group is knowledgeable and supportive; they motivated me and facilitated the most kick butt workout! I highly recommend going- they acquired a new regular out of me!!

Samantha J.

Rachel R. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Awesome box and the people are great! Willing to help and coaches are top notch, they know their business.

Rachel R.

JC F. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Heard Nothing But Good Things of these guys. A friend of mine is on their squad and loves it! Give them a shout!!


Taree M. , CrossFit Grinder Testimonials

Great place to CrossFit!! Love our coaches and love our gym!!

Taree M.

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